Abdominal Cramps In The Womb When Breastfeeding.?

Illustration of Abdominal Cramps In The Womb When Breastfeeding.?
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hello doc, this is my 4th pregnancy .. the youngest is 1 year old and now i am pregnant for gestational age i don’t know because I have never checked or ultrasound, if my last menstruation was November 18, 2018, and I decided to tandem nursing ,, the problem is often trembling, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, but eating can still be though choose a menu …, my question is doc … I too often cramp the lower abdomen even sometimes spread to the thighs and legs … is this normal doc? cramps occur sometimes sometimes it comes to disappear on its own .. when stomach cramps come it feels really painful doc especially when moving like changing sleeping position cramps also feel behind the waist … please input and help? Do I have to take it to the hospital? thanks doc

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. We understand your condition. Regarding pregnancy, it can sometimes be very outside of our plans, where we hope to take care of one child until he tends to be more independent, or after marriage we hope to be more focused in adjusting to each other first, it turns out we have been blessed with children.

In your case, many women become pregnant while they are still breastfeeding, and decide to continue breastfeeding while pregnant, so you are not alone. And this condition is medically not a problem, so if you decide to do so, it is your right and is legitimate. What you need to know is the process of nipple stimulation and release of breast milk that triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin which can have an impact on contractions in the abdominal wall and uterus, causing a sensation of cramps and pain in the stomach. This may cause symptoms to appear to you, and although the form is contraction, you don't need to worry that this will cause a miscarriage or premature birth because the contractions that appear are not strong enough to cause it.

Even so, certain notes remain. For those who are pregnant with twins, or who are forbidden to have sex while pregnant by a gynecologist, have a high risk of pregnancy, or the symptoms are too severe, for example, stomach pain is unbearable, so it is very tired, weak, dizzy, etc., maybe more good for weaning your child and focusing more on pregnancy. However, your child is 1 year old and although breast milk is good for him, since the age of 6 months he should get nutrients from other sources, in the form of solids (complementary foods).

Our advice, you should still check yourself to the obstetrician, because the effect of breastfeeding is only one possible cause of the condition you are experiencing. Other possibilities, such as low blood sugar, anemia or lack of red blood cells, lack of nutrition, infection or other medical conditions can also play a role in causing these complaints. By checking with your obstetrician, you can clearly know what is causing your condition, its severity and discuss the best plan with your obstetrician, the point is whether you can still continue breastfeeding your child or not.

Meanwhile, always remember to take care of yourself, with regular and nutritious eating, adequate rest, drink plenty of water, supplement for pregnant and lactating women, stay away from cigarette smoke and stress, and control routines. So, hopefully answering your question.

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