Abdominal Cyst In The Fetus Before Birth.?

Illustration of Abdominal Cyst In The Fetus Before Birth.?
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I want to ask, is there a cyst that appears on the abdomen of the fetus while still in the womb? when I first used ultrasound the age of 7 weeks the doctor said there was a cyst in my uterus measuring 4 cm, then at 12 weeks I was pregnant again, and the doctor said my cyst had shrunk to 1 cm because my cyst was squeezed by enlarging my uterus, gestational age 18 maybe I used an ultrasound with a different doctor, the doctor said there was an abdominal cyst in the stomach of my fetus which was 2 cm in size, I was confused with the results of this ultrasound, even when my pregnancy was 7 weeks old my cyst was outside my pregnancy bag, now suddenly the cyst is in the stomach of my fetus? Explanation please

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Cyst is a lump or mass in the form of a sac containing a liquid that can grow in any part of the body including the uterine organs. Most cyst cases are benign, and usually the cyst itself does not require special treatment such as surgery. The action is usually done if the kitsa is larger, usually more than 5 cm or when the cyst is causing symptoms or interference with other structures.

In addition, in some cases, for example, the content of cysts that are formed can also grow due to hormone activity. This can still be a possibility why these cysts shrink as the age of the uterus increases.

Until now the actual formation of a cyst has not been clearly identified. This condition can also be associated with genetic disorders or hereditary factors that are difficult to avoid. Likewise with cysts in the fetus in the womb. This can happen, although this case is still relatively rare. But that does not mean cysts in your uterus and then these cysts move in the fetal stomach. This is two different cases.

To ensure that it really needs to be ascertained by examinations such as USG. Ultrasound examination can also show different interpretations depending on the opertaor in this case the doctrine that conducts ultrasound. And you should do an obstetric ultrasound at a gynecologist and obstetrics who are competent in their fields.

Looking for a second opinion or second opinion is the right of every patient, If you want to ensure it back you can consult another specialist to seek other opinions.

But the thing to remember is that the results of this ultrasound will depend on the skill of the operator, and cysts in the womb and in the fetus's stomach are two different conditions, which can occur. Therefore ultrasound is done in addition to seeing fetal development, ultrasound can also be a screening examination if found abnormalities in the fetus as early as possible. So that later you can take appropriate steps in accordance with the doctor's recommendations for the development and health of you and your baby.

Therefore it is important to check the content to the obstetrician for evaluation or further follow-up. Do the checkup as your doctor recommends and you should not have to worry too much and stay focused to keep your pregnancy healthy.

Regarding cysts in the fetal abdominal cavity can occur and are often detected when the mother performs an ultrasound womb examination. The cause is also not yet clearly known, but the condition is related to congenital abnormalities, which are other disorders that appear during fetal development. Handling will be done depending on the cause and size of the cyst, as well as the relationship of the cyst with other structures. Discuss further with your obstetrician to determine the appropriate treatment steps for your condition.

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