Abdominal Massage With A History Of Cesarean Section?

Illustration of Abdominal Massage With A History Of Cesarean Section?
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Good afternoon doctor. I want to ask, is it possible to massage in the abdomen / under the surgical scar, after 2 years 4 months ago I gave birth by cesarean section … is it possible / not yes ??

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Need to be clarified, for what purpose do you want to do the massage? Is it done by professional medical personnel? After the cesarean, are there any complaints that you have experienced until now?

The cesarean section is done by making a deep incision, starting from the skin of the outer abdomen to reach the uterus. After this surgery, of course the healing process cannot be taken in a short time. Cataract surgery scars may appear to improve within 1 to 4 weeks postoperatively. However, injuries to internal organs can take longer to heal. The area around the former surgery also certainly has lower strength compared to other areas of your body that have never been operated on.

Massaging the abdominal area is not a recommended action to do, even if someone does not have surgery on the abdominal area. In the abdominal area, there are many vital organs that play a role in maintaining bodily functions. Unlike the chest area which is protected by strong ribs, the organs in the abdominal area are only protected by a layer of skin, muscle, fat, and tissue around the support which is certainly not as strong as bone. Therefore, excessive massage of the abdominal area can cause injury to organs in your stomach, for example stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine, liver, spleen, bladder, uterus, aorta, and so on. In connection with your history of having had a cesarean section, massaging the area in the lower abdomen that is excessive also risks causing your uterus to tear again (rupture) and make you experience potentially life-threatening bleeding.

Indeed, in some cases, for example in infants who are constipated, gentle massage in the abdominal area can be useful, namely to help launch a bowel movement. However, massage is done in excess, especially without being balanced with qualified knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the body, and without proper medical indications, you should not do it, because it has more potential to endanger your health.

That's all our explanation. For more details, you can consult directly with your obstetrician or doctor, huh?

I hope this helps.

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