Abdominal Pain Accompanied By Shortness Of Breath?

Illustration of Abdominal Pain Accompanied By Shortness Of Breath?
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evening, I want to ask. from Tuesday night my stomach hurts. The first day I thought it was a period cramp, even though I had never experienced a period cramp before. the pain of the first day felt like I was stabbed in the end I just took it to sleep because the pain br appear at night. the second day my stomach pain disappeared and it still felt the same as last night, if I wanted to walk I had to bend down so that it didn’t hurt too much. the third day my body had a fever and dizziness, until all day I only slept, I had gone to the clinic and it was suspected that I had appendicitis, but after being given some medicine, today my body was relaxed. I have no headache and fever, but my stomach still hurts and the pain disappears, but the pain is different. this time the pain was nauseous but could not be spit out. I eat very little, but I’m not dizzy or have a fever. there are symptoms that I just experienced today, my breathing became short. in a day I also chapter twice which is usually only once, the shape is also normal. I wonder what disease I’m experiencing right? thank you

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Hello, thank you for asking with HealthReplies.com.

To find out more clearly about the causes of stomach pain, you need to know the location of the stomach pain that you feel. If you experience complaints such as nausea, stomachache, heartburn / upper middle, decreased appetite, difficulty breathing, then it can be caused by several possibilities, namely:

- Gastric ulcer. Conditions where the onset of injury to the stomach can cause complaints such as heartburn, nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, weakness, difficulty in breathing, etc.

- Gastric acid disease / GERD. Complaints can be shortness of breath, mouth feels sour, nausea, vomiting, burning sensation in the chest, etc.

- Gastroenteritis. Conditions where vomiting and diarrhea occur due to infection or inflammation of the walls of the digestive tract, especially the stomach and intestines.

- and others.

So the causes of stomach pain vary and depend on the location of the stomach ache that you feel too. If your complaint does not improve, you should do a direct examination with a doctor. The doctor will do an interview and some checks on you.

Here's what you can do at home to reduce complaints: eat regularly, manage stress well, avoid smoking and alcohol consumption, avoid caffeine consumption, avoid consuming spicy and acidic foods, get enough rest, consume enough water, regularly exercise, multiply consumption of fruit and vegetables.

If you experience complaints of severe abdominal pain, vomiting blood, bloody bowel movements, immediately see a doctor.

Thank you, hope that helps.

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