Abdominal Pain After Myoma Surgery More Than 3 Years Ago?

HealthReplies.com …, r n2 my cousin aged 30-34 had cyst / myoma surgery more than 3 years ago. But why, yeah. It hurts until now. Even the pain feels more than before the operation. R nWell. Now my brother is 47, the cyst is 10cm (big enough). u0026amp; Often feels pain. She worries that if the surgery is done later she will feel more pain u0026amp; prolonged post-surgery. r nWhat is the best solution?

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Abdominal pain after myoma surgery (myomectomy) can occur due to adhesions or adhesions of the tissue around the surgery site. These adhesions can occur due to complications from myomectiomy surgery, but can also occur due to infection of the reproductive organs or untreated endometriosis. Myomectomy performed with open surgery has a higher risk of tissue adhesions compared to myomectomy performed using a laparoscopic procedure.

Myoma that causes certain symptoms (such as pain or bleeding from the vagina), causes fertility problems, or myoma that is very large, is an indication for myoma removal or myomectomy. To minimize the risk of tissue adhesions after myomectomy, your sister can try to find a Gynecologist who can perform laparoscopic myomectomy surgery. If there is indeed post-myomectomy pain due to adhesions, your brother and also your cousin can try to consult further with the obstetrician for certain actions to be able to release adhesions and scar tissue that forms after surgery. These procedures can help reduce or even relieve the pain that occurs after myomectomy.

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