Abdominal Pain In The Lower Left Side Of The Rib Cage.?

Illustration of Abdominal Pain In The Lower Left Side Of The Rib Cage.?
Illustration: Abdominal Pain In The Lower Left Side Of The Rib Cage.? d26ua9paks4zq.cloudfront.net

Night ,, I want to ask, the symptoms of apkah when we have stomach pain under the left side of the ribs ,, the pain I want to be wrapped around …

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Abdominal pain can indicate the location of abdominal organ abnormalities related to complaints experienced. Pain in the left abdomen needs to be examined further since when these symptoms appear, the characteristics and distribution of pain experienced, trigger conditions and conditions that can reduce pain, is there a history of bumping in related areas, a history of previous illnesses related to organs in the stomach / digestive tract, is there other symptoms that accompany such as fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness and other symptoms.

Pain in the upper left abdomen near the rib cage can be caused by several possibilities, including:

Injury to related parts due to trauma / impact, abdominal area or ribs.
Abnormalities in the stomach such as gastritis, stomach acid reflux which can cause pain such as painful and hot sensations.
Abnormalities in the kidneys such as stones in the kidneys or infections in the kidneys.
Abnormalities in the digestive tract due to hardened feces, infections of the digestive tract that can cause a sensation of twisting.
Inflammation of the pancreatic organs (pancreatitis).
Abnormalities in the structure of the lung organs such as pneumonia and pleurisy.
Abnormalities in the heart due to heart attacks or left chest pain.

The cause of the disorder can definitely be helped by consulting a doctor to do a directed history of complaints that you experience, physical examination, and supporting examinations in accordance with the conditions after physical examination. Imaging can be done such as ultrasound, stool examination, urine and other tests to help determine the diagnosis, and can be referred if necessary.

Avoid doing activities that are too heavy, avoid eating fast food and spicy foods, avoid using self-medication without doctor's instructions. For more information on stomach pain and left abdominal pain, you can access link 1 and link 2.

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