Abdominal Pain In The Upper Middle?

Illustration of Abdominal Pain In The Upper Middle?
Illustration: Abdominal Pain In The Upper Middle? ligastrohealth.com

Mlm, my child is 10 years old, a week of stomach ache, upper middle, lower ribs, and I hold the right lower press, I also have pain, I take it to the doctor, but it doesn’t disappear, I check the temperature 34.7 degrees

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Hi Cindy,

Thank you for the question.

Pain in various parts of the abdomen such as that that your child experiences can be various possible triggers, for example:

Gastrointestinal disorders, such as intestinal inflammation, intestinal obstruction, irritable bowel syndrome, digestive infections, food allergies or malabsorption, dyspepsia
Urinary tract disorders, such as stones or kidney infections, cystitis, bladder stones
Disorders of muscles, joints, nerves, bones and supporting tissues, for example due to injuries, lack of nutrition, nerve nerves, immune disorders
Psychological disorders, for example malingering, and so on

Management of abdominal pain like this should ideally be done after the exact cause is identified. Therefore, we recommend that you consult your child directly to the doctor or pediatrician so that a deeper evaluation is carried out, such as through physical examination, urine tests, ultrasound, x-rays, and other supporting tests.

In the meantime, what needs to be done so that children's complaints improve:

Ask your child to get plenty of rest
Apply a warm cream and warm compresses as well as a painful stomach
Give children loose and comfortable clothing
Ask the child to drink more warm water
Remind children not to snack at random, let alone food and drinks that are not clean, not cooked
Make sure you regularly feed your child little by little but often
Not too much to give children spicy food, bersantan, fatty, and oily when the stomach still feels severe pain
Remind children not to resist urinating

Hope this helps ...

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