Abdominal Pain Is Accompanied By Flatulence?

Illustration of Abdominal Pain Is Accompanied By Flatulence?
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Hello. I have had a stomach ache for 2 days. The taste is like bloating, no appetite, headache and pain when you want to lie down. What suggestion?

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Hello Amirul.

Abdominal pain accompanied by flatulence can be caused due to various causes. From your condition it might be caused due to gastritis. Gastritis / inflammation of the stomach wall is a fairly common thing. Gastritis can be affected due to several factors such as infection of the stomach, eating on an irregular schedule, consumption of spicy / sour foods, or alcohol consumption. Gastritis can cause symptoms such as pain in the solar plexus, bloating, nausea, and can also cause weakness and headaches.

Gastritis requires treatment with certain gastric medications, and lifestyle changes are also needed. eat on a regular schedule, avoid consuming spicy and sour foods. It is important not to smoke, and don't lie down right after eating.

But besides that, the situation that you experience can also be caused by other causes such as:

GERD / gastric acid disease Gastric ulcer Typhus Inflammation of the bile duct Certain cancers Therefore, to determine the cause of the situation that you are experiencing, then you should check yourself directly to the doctor, so the doctor can examine your condition further. maybe later additional tests will be carried out such as blood tests, or ultrasound if it is felt necessary.

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