Abdominal Pain Left To The Chest And Legs Accompanied By Dizziness And Balance Disorders?

Illustration of Abdominal Pain Left To The Chest And Legs Accompanied By Dizziness And Balance Disorders?
Illustration: Abdominal Pain Left To The Chest And Legs Accompanied By Dizziness And Balance Disorders? post.medicalnewstoday.com

Asalamualaikum, my name is sherly 23 years old I am a male My left stomach hurts pain until it gets to the left side of the chest and it hurts to the left foot sometimes it moves to the right leg and my head is a bit dizzy my body becomes less balanced, and this pain sometimes come suddenly continue to briefly disappear, is this dangerous?

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The pain that you feel seems not to be focused on a particular place or organ, because it is located in different places and also move sides (left and right). Some other clues are needed to better understand the cause of your illness, such as whether it is accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, watery stools, or other symptoms such as tightness, coughing, fever, palpitations, and cold sweat. In addition, information about what you are doing before the pain appears and improves will also be very helpful in establishing the diagnosis.

Some diseases that can cause the symptoms that you feel are:

Muscle aches (myalgia). Muscle pain can usually move depending on which part of the body you are using, and occurs due to physical activity or excessive exercise.

Vertigo, is a sensation of dizziness spinning / dizzy and less balanced, which can occur due to interference with the balance system, or electrolyte disturbances.

Heart disease, usually has the main symptoms of left chest pain that can spread to the left or right arm, sometimes through the back.
Pinching nerves (HNP), can cause symptoms of low back pain, and spread to both legs, which occurs due to pinching of nerves around the backbone (vertebra).

Because each disease has different symptoms and causes, a more complete examination is needed to know clearly what disease you have. What you can do now is:

If you are someone who is actively doing physical activities, try to always warm up before exercising, and make sure your posture when doing something for a long period of time (sleeping, sitting / working) is in the right position, so as not to support or burden one certain parts or muscles.
Enough rest. If you feel you have used a certain part too much before (when lifting heavy objects, or certain sports), rest for a while.
If the pain that you feel is very disturbing your daily activities or your rest, you can take pain relievers with the green logo which are sold freely, with the rules of use as stated on the packaging.
Make sure your nutrition and fluid needs are fulfilled properly.
If after taking the drug the symptoms are often repeated, I suggest you consult a doctor.

Thus information from me, hopefully can help.

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