Abdominal Pain Left Under The Ribs And In The Waist?

Illustration of Abdominal Pain Left Under The Ribs And In The Waist?
Illustration: Abdominal Pain Left Under The Ribs And In The Waist? healthline.com

Morning, want to ask, for a few months now the left abdomen under the rib cage, the waist in the front is painful, the pain is not really disturbing because it is constant. Most feels when you sleep on your left side, you feel like something is up. So I must have woken up. If you sit down for a long time, you stand up and it hurts. But when pressed it doesn’t hurt. Last month I brought it to the doctor, but when I press it, it really doesn’t hurt. The pain is very rich. Please help with the analysis. Thank you for the response

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I understand your concern, complaints of left abdominal pain under the ribs there are several possible causes including:

 Muscle injury stomach disorders: There are problems with the stomach such as gastritis (gastritis) or injury to the stomach disorders of the spleen and pancreas disorders of the heart and lungs many possible causes of pain that you experience, indeed to ensure it must be examined directly by a doctor, if only due to muscle, will heal by itself but if it is caused due to other pain special treatment must be given the underlying cause. if you have already been to the doctor and given the medicine then take the medicine according to the doctor's recommendations and if the medication has run out and the complaints are not improving you can go back to the doctor so the doctor can dig deeper into the underlying disease. such as physical examinations, blood tests, photographs rongen, and ultrasound. so the doctor can treat according to the cause.

There are a number of things you can do between them:

 do a compress with warm water on the affected part you can give balm to relieve pain you can do a light massage drink pain-lowering drugs like paracetamol you can consume warm water at least 2 liters of rest that is enough you can do light exercise to stretch muscles- your muscles are thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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