Abdominal Pain Often Occurs In The Lower Left Area?

Illustration of Abdominal Pain Often Occurs In The Lower Left Area?
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I have been in pain for almost 4 months on the left side of the lower abdomen, but the pain does not interfere because it disappears, when there is an ultrasound, there appears an infection then the doctor advised IGRA, suspected infection of the intestinal tuberculosis but the results are negative … 3 weeks ago my stomach relapsed and then I vomited and had a fever, it was treated with sucralfat, somewhat improved but my stomach still aches and sometimes feels pain in my buttocks area and suddenly disappears, when bowel movements or bowels stomach feels tight but I have no trouble defecate … why is that the cause? Thank you

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Hello Bro, thank you for consulting us on HealthReplies.com. Abdominal pain is pain that appears in the abdominal area, which shows the existence of disorders of the organs in the stomach, such as the liver, bile, pancreas, spleen, intestine or kidney. Which disruption in the organ can be due to several things, can be due to inflammation, infection or blockage. The causes of abdominal pain are very diverse, because there are many organs in the stomach, so the location is different, so will the different possible causes. If in your case, abdominal pain often occurs in the lower left area, then the possibility that occurs is:

urinary tract infections urinary tract stones obstruction / intestinal obstruction inflammation of the intestine it is difficult for us to determine the exact cause because what is the reason we do not do a direct examination to you. It would be better if you consult back to a specialist doctor who is a gastroenterologist so that the doctor can do a complete examination of the organs in your stomach. It may be necessary to have additional examinations such as Rongten abdomen, ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI or also endoscopy or intestinal surveillance that can be more detailed to find out the exact cause.

We will present a few simple steps at home to relieve your stomach pain symptoms, namely:

put a heating pad on a painful abdominal area manage your stress well such as with exercise or meditation do not eat all at once in a sizeable portion of chewing your food properly, until it is really soft avoid foods that can trigger stomachaches such as foods that are too spicy or even foods that are too fatty in addition to that should take some precautions to avoid abdominal pain such as washing hands, drinking lots of water, not lying down immediately after eating, at least give 1.5 to 2 hours after eating. Thus we can convey to you , I hope that our information is useful to you. thanks.

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