Abdominal Pain That Moves With Difficult Chapters?

Illustration of Abdominal Pain That Moves With Difficult Chapters?
Illustration: Abdominal Pain That Moves With Difficult Chapters? healthline.com

I have stomach pain on the left side and now the pain is moving to the right, it is difficult to defecate, even after 2 days I did not defecate, what are the symptoms of pain?

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Difficult bowel movements (constipation) can indeed trigger abdominal pain due to accumulation of dirt in the digestive tract. Usually, pure abdominal pain arising from this condition will feel dominant in the lower abdomen. This constipation can arise due to many reasons, for example lack of drinking, lack of fiber intake, lack of movement, excessive restraining of bowel movements, excessive alcohol consumption, psychological pressure (for example when feeling anxious or panicked excessively), side effects of drugs (for example drugs consumed to overcome diarrhea), metabolic disorders, and so on.

It could also, abdominal pain and constipation arise due to other causes, for example:

Food intolerance or malabsorption

Dyspepsia (increased stomach acid)
Inflammatory bowel
Obstructive ileus (intestinal obstruction)
Viral or bacterial infections (eg typhoid fever, hepatitis) and so on

The question now, how much abdominal pain do you feel? Can you still pass wind? Do you experience other complaints, such as fever, vomiting, bloating, lumps in the stomach, and so on?

If the complaint that you feel is very great intensity, you should consult yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine, yes. A thorough physical examination, specialized in the abdominal area, or accompanied by laboratory examination, x-rays, or ultrasound, doctors can also do so it's clear what handling you need most.

We suggest you go through the following steps:

Drink more water (especially those with warm temperatures) more, which is 10 glasses per day, or more
Don't over-consume spicy, fatty foods and contain a lot of gas
Expand to eat vegetables and fruit so that BAB more smoothly
Do not be eating snacks at random
Wash your hands diligently
Don't make it a habit of holding back bowel movements
Compress the abdominal pain with warm water, do not massage
Calm yourself, stay away from stress
Reduce tiring activities first
Do not consume pain relievers or open bowel movements indiscriminately

Hope this helps ...

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