Abdominal Pain To The Waist And Vagina

Illustration of Abdominal Pain To The Waist And Vagina
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Hello, I am a 22 year old woman who hasn’t been married yet. I like to feel pain in some parts of the stomach and vagina when I am not menstruating and far from the time, the pain is below: 1. Abdomen the left end is parallel to the navel 2. The bottom of the navel3. Waist4. The top, side and bottom of the vagina between the anus. The pain doesn’t always just appear for a moment and then disappear again. I wonder why, does it have to do with spicy foods that I often eat?

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Hello Lila,

Thank you for the question.

Abdominal pain to the waist and vagina often indicates that menstruation will soon arrive (pre menstrual syndrome). But it could also, this pain arises due to other causes, such as endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, peritonitis, gastroenteritis, intestinal inflammation, muscle cramps, urinary tract infections or stones, myoma, fibromyalgia, stones or kidney infections, cystitis, myoma, nerve nerve, dyspepsia , food poisoning, irritable bowel syndrome, vulvovaginitis, infections in other organ systems, psychological disorders, and so on.

Your habit of eating spicy foods can indeed trigger discomfort around the stomach. It's just that, if only this triggers your complaint, of course the complaint will only feel temporary, and will improve itself after you no longer eat the spicy food.

If your complaint is mild, without high fever for more than 3 days, diarrhea or massive vomiting, bloody or slimy bowel movements, heavy and prolonged menstrual bleeding, difficult to pass wind for more than 1 day, and other severe complaints, chances are your condition is not dangerous. The following steps can you try first so that complaints improve:

Warm compresses on the painful area, do not be carelessly ordered
Don't wear tight clothes, stay away from high heels too
Drink more warm water
Eat a variety of healthy foods, processed clean and cooked, not too spicy, gassed, sour, excessive caffeinated
Don't overdo heavy lifting
much rest
Expand relaxation, do not stress too much
Discipline to exercise every day
Take paracetamol if the pain has not improved in the above manner

However, if with the above efforts the complaint does not also improve for a long time, or if other complaints appear more severe as we have mentioned before, it is better for you to go to a doctor or an internist right away. Further examination, such as X-rays , Ultrasound, stool tests, endoscopy, and so on can be a doctor doing so they can give you the right treatment.

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