Abdominal Pain, Waist And Hip Accompanied By Brown Spots?

Illustration of Abdominal Pain, Waist And Hip Accompanied By Brown Spots?
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Hello. I am indri, I just got married in September 2019 .. A little story: I had sex with my husband one day before my menstrual schedule … Then I had a period of up to 5 days … Then I did a pregnancy test using a test. The first result is vague, then the next day I test again, positively pregnant. Then the next day I attended a friend’s event with my husband, without realizing I was consuming lots of soft drinks. When I returned home my stomach began to cramp, spread to my waist and more painful. At midnight, when I was going to pee, brown spots / spots were seen in my underwear, my stomach was also getting cramped, the next day again the spots were added with clear thick liquid. And until now (already 3 days) my stomach and hip still hurts. The question is: Am I having a miscarriage ?? But I haven’t had any bleeding yet … And I haven’t had the chance to go to the obstetrician because of the work factor.

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Good morning Indri, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com. We understand your confusion. But unfortunately, a miscarriage cannot be known without a direct examination. This is because with clear bleeding, it is not certain that a pregnant woman has a miscarriage. Conversely, pregnant women who do not feel any complaints, not necessarily the fetus in the womb is fine. There are pregnant women who have just realized that the fetus in the womb died after weeks of the time of death of the fetus. It was simply because he did not feel anything, so he felt no complaints. In fact, the fetus inside is wrapped around its own umbilical cord.

Furthermore, even a pregnancy test using a testpack is not enough to make sure you are pregnant or not. Because a test pack can bring positive results to people who are not actually pregnant, and bring negative results to people who are actually pregnant. That is why, the best advice is to check the pregnancy using an ultrasound to the obstetrician. Through ultrasound, your pregnancy can be ascertained by seeing firsthand whether the pregnancy sac is there or not, whether it is developing or not, whether there is a heartbeat or not, whether the age is appropriate or not, and so forth.

Therefore, our advice is that you should check with your obstetrician to ensure the status of the pregnancy. Meanwhile, act as if you are pregnant. Avoid consumption of coffee, soda, adequate rest, limit physical activity, avoid sexual intercourse until it is declared safe by obstetricians, avoid smoking, do not use any medicine without doctor's advice, consume vitamins and pregnancy supplements according to the rules of use and consumption of vegetables and fruit. So, hopefully answering your question.

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