Abdominal Ultrasound Examination Results

Illustration of Abdominal Ultrasound Examination Results
Illustration: Abdominal Ultrasound Examination Results cedars-sinai.edu

Hello. Introduce, my name is Sani, I want to ask, I’m done checking u0026amp; the results: – Hepatomegaly with a picture of Fatty liver grade 3- Mild splenomegaly-VF, pancreas, bilateral ren, VU or ptostat within normal limits That’s all what it means? Especially for point 1 and 2 I am curious about the results, the problem is I still have long control 5 days left. Thank you for taking the time to reply to this question …

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Hello Sania, Thank you for the question.

What symptoms are you experiencing? Ultrasound examination is one of the supporting examinations used to help doctors know what is experienced by someone or in other words help make a diagnosis of the disease. The results of supporting examinations cannot be interpreted separately. To interpret supporting investigations, other information is needed regarding a person's complaint, a doctor's physical examination, and other supporting examinations. This information is needed to make a diagnosis. From the ultrasound examination that you submitted, the information that I can provide is:

the swelling of the liver (hepatomegaly). Enlargement of the liver can be caused by viral infections, side effects of drugs
the presence of fatty liver / fatty liver, which is a condition in which the liver is covered with fat more than 5% of the weight of the liver, can be caused by diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol levels, side effects of drugs
presence of swollen spleen (splenomegaly), can be associated with liver swelling concessions or it could be due to infection, inflammation, disorders of the blood cells
other organs (pancreas, kidney, bladder and prostate) under normal conditions

Please consult with your doctor who recommends this ultrasound examination so that the doctor can see the results and combine this information with other information that has been obtained by the doctor from the examination to determine further treatment.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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