Ability To Swallow In Infants Aged 6 Months?

Illustration of Ability To Swallow In Infants Aged 6 Months?
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, Is the baby 6 months old can swallow a piece of wet tissue without being cut or choked round?

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Whole wet tissue can have various sizes. If it is very small in size and swallowed when the baby is in calm condition, then it could be swallowed by a baby which causes choking or other health problems. But on the contrary, if the size is large or swallowed when the baby coughs, cries, or overactivates, then he can cause the baby to choke (aspiration). When choking, the baby's response can vary, can cough, vomit, shortness of breath, or even experience a potentially deadly breathing block if not treated immediately. Although it does not cause choking symptoms, wet tissue that is swallowed round can also clog the digestive tract, causing the baby to experience symptoms of intestinal obstruction, such as vomiting, hard stomach, bloating, colic, difficulty defecating, difficult to defecate, and excessive sweating . This condition must also be treated immediately so that it does not lead to dangerous complications.

Given the potential danger, it is strongly recommended for every parent not to place dangerous objects which are vulnerable to being consumed within the reach of a baby's hand. Do not forget, do not let the baby play and activities alone, without adult supervision so that undesirable things do not happen. Even if this tissue is continuously swallowed, and if the baby experiences any of the danger signs as mentioned above, immediately consult the baby to the doctor or pediatrician so that it is handled properly.

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