Abnormal Blood Discharge Outside The Menstrual Cycle?

Illustration of Abnormal Blood Discharge Outside The Menstrual Cycle?
Illustration: Abnormal Blood Discharge Outside The Menstrual Cycle? health.harvard.edu

Hello, I want to ask, I have been bleeding a lot today, brownish red, then on the 3rd day, I just blew it like it wasn’t my normal schedule. Why’s that?

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Abnormal blood discharge outside the menstrual cycle in women usually indicates a disturbed hormonal balance. Triggers for this condition can vary, ranging from unhealthy lifestyles, the use of birth control or other hormonal drugs, weight gain or loss that is too drastic, to the presence of certain diseases, such as thyroid gland disorders or the pituitary. As is known, the menstrual cycle is regulated by reproductive hormones that are secretly fluctuated in the body. Therefore, if this hormonal balance is disrupted, the menstrual cycle will also be disrupted.

Not only disorders of hormonal balance, abnormal menstrual patterns as you experience may also indicate disorders of your reproductive organs, for example due to cysts, endometriosis, pelvic inflammation, disorders of pregnancy (eg miscarriage or actopic pregnancy), polyps, myomas, to malignancy.

It needs to be evaluated more deeply how exactly the complaint you are experiencing, not only through interviews and physical examinations, but sometimes it is also necessary to have an ultrasound examination. Therefore, if the complaint is often repeated, you are advised to consult a doctor or obstetrician directly to be handled properly. At home, to help restore hormonal balance, here are our suggestions:

Regularly exercise every day
Always maintain an ideal body weight
Calm your mind, don't stress or worry too much
Eat a variety of nutritious foods, rich in antioxidants, especially fruits and vegetables
Do not carelessly take medication or supplements to facilitate menstruation or fertility

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