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Good afternoon. NI’m a girl in my 20th. My right sternum / ribs are inclined inward which makes my breasts unequal in size. I have actually known this since I was a child, but when I visited a hospital at that time, the doctor said it was normal maybe because I was too thin so my bones stood out (I checked around the age of 13). Because the doctor said that I became somewhat relieved and tried to make my body fuller. And what I know, I have never suffered serious injuries such as severe bones, and never fell as a baby / when I was a child. NSkg after I gain more weight, why do my bones stay like that? Honestly, I’m embarrassed because I don’t feel like a woman in general. NSometimes I feel pain in my left chest and sometimes feel a little short of breath even though it doesn’t last long and often. NIf I want to go back to the doctor, I have to see a doctor internist or orthopedist? Is there a doctor’s recommendation that I can see? I live in Jakarta. N Can my bones be healed like other normal people? NPlease explain. thanks.

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Hello Indri, thank you for the question.

Normally, please note that the size of the left and right breasts is usually different. can differ on both sides, but more often than not the left breast is larger. As long as there are no complaints such as abnormal enlargement (for example, the breast is twice as large as the other side), severe pain in the breast, a lump that enlarges rapidly, or the breast is textured like orange peel and discharge or pus from the breast, so this really just needs monitoring huh.

Regarding the different bone structures, was there an x-ray or x-ray examination before? This condition can actually be caused by various things, including:

There is a trauma or impact that has occurred in the chest and spine, this can cause bone abnormalities, especially if after a fracture occurs, the healing does not take place completely.
There is a congenital condition of bone abnormalities from birth
There are spinal abnormalities, such as scoliosis, which causes the bones to bend out of alignment. This causes a change in body position to follow this condition, so that one part of the body may be leaning forward or backward. This condition can also occur if the spine is twisted to one side, or the body tries to avoid the injured part of the spine.
Breast bone abnormalities due to medical conditions, such as chronic or long-standing asthma, or being too thin, causing the sternum to develop.
The presence of a tumor or malignancy in the breastbone area

I recommend that you see a General Practitioner first to ask about this problem, yes, because this condition must be ascertained first, what to worry about from this condition, and what problems are behind the occurrence of this condition. After that, if needed, you can be given a referral to a specialist, for example an orthopedic specialist to help treat this condition.

Hope this helps.

Dr. Otniel Budi Krisetya

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