Abnormal Heart Sounds In Babies Of 6 Months?

Illustration of Abnormal Heart Sounds In Babies Of 6 Months?
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good afternoon, my child is now 6 months old and has eaten porridge, from the beginning his normal health was fine and fine, but yesterday when vaccinating from a pediatrician’s examination he said there were abnormal sounds in my child’s heart, even though from birth physical conditions and normal development Do you think my child has congenital heart disease? and what kind of disease do you think it is? thank you

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Good afternoon, Mr. Rudhianto. Thank you for consulting HealthReplies.com.

Regarding heart sounds in mother children will be distinguished what sounds in the form of noise or additional heart sounds. Are there any symptoms like a child looking blue? Children easily look crowded?

Regarding congenital heart disease, it is due to disturbance of heart formation at 5 weeks gestation which can be related to genetic processes, diseases experienced by mothers during pregnancy such as diabetes or rubella / toxoplasma infection, use of alcohol or cigarettes, exposure to pollution.

For types of congenital heart disease, some possible types are

- Defects in the heart border where holes can be found in the upper or lower heart chambers. Usually the beginning is asymptomatic but over time the body's organs will lack oxygen because of mixed blood.
- Aortic valve stenosis is the aortic valve becomes thicker, this makes it difficult to drain blood throughout the body so that the workload of the heart chamber increases and the heart appears to swell
- Pulmo valve stenosis is a pulmo valve, which receives narrowed blood from the rest of the body so that it causes difficult blood to return to the heart. It appears that swelling occurs in other parts of the body or the lungs are congested.

Enforcing this matter needs further examination using a picture that is echocradiography, x-rays, or other examinations. So it is necessary to further consult with a pediatrician regarding the diagnosis and treatment.

To reduce the symptoms, a number of things can be done

- Children are invited to light sports such as swimming or walking
- Avoid activities that are too heavy
- Avoid foods that are too high in fat

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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