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hello, I’m a 17-year-old student, in the past few days I felt I was breathing air / oxygen that felt cold down my throat and it caused my throat to dry up, and I also often expelled phlegm / mucus which was not clear or clear, every time I breathe, the air I breathe always feels cold down to my throat, now my throat is aching and dry, why is this? Please help, thank you.

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Hello Ezekiel,

Thank you for the question.

Air and weather factors often affect our respiratory tract. A runny nose, dry throat, sputum discharge, are symptoms that often occur in upper respiratory disorders. However, in general this is not something dangerous, especially if it is influenced by air and weather factors.

Here are the causes of dry throat and clear mucus:

  Allergic rhinitis, caused by dust, cold allergy, can be accompanied by itching, red and watery eyes, and a family history of allergies. Vasomotor rhinitis, caused by food, air, and position factors. Rhinitis due to upper respiratory tract infection, which is usually caused by a virus that can heal by itself in 1-2 weeks. You can see a doctor if this complaint continues for more than 2 weeks. Your doctor will ask about your complaints, check your nasal cavity with an instrument called rhinoscopy, and your throat to see signs of inflammation, after that the doctor will provide treatment such as hypo-allergenic drugs and decongestants.

The following recommendations you can do at home:

 Use a mask to filter the incoming air and moisturize the air around your nose. Use a balm containing menthol to warm and soothe your nose. Drink 2-3L a day and drink warm water so that the throat is relieved and not dry. Avoid being exposed to dirty and cold air, avoid being in a room with low temperature air conditioner, or sitting directly under the air conditioner. Hope this helps :)


dr. Talitha

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