About Chromosomes In Sex Determinants?

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HealthReplies.com Thank you for your time. Scientifically, inheritance through genes from the parent is propagated through chromosomes. From the latest research, it is stated that the Y chromosome is only owned by males. Is it true that the sex-determining chromosomes? Does the male chromosome also affect gender masculinity? Why do women and men have a different soul? thanks.

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Hello, Refa Genda. Thank you for the question submitted to HealthReplies.com.

Men and women have different sex chromosome pairs. The male sex chromosome is XY, while the female XX. This difference has been started since fertilization first occurred. Eggs from the mother can be fertilized by sperm with an X sex chromosome or a Y sex chromosome from the father. If a successful sperm fertilizes an egg carrying a Y sex chromosome, the embryo (future fetus) will have an XY chromosome and develop into a male.

The Y chromosome has a special part which functions to stimulate the production of certain antigens (H-Y antigens) in the plasma membrane of the undifferentiated genital glands (gonads) of the embryo. With stimulation by H-Y antigens, the embryo's genital glands develop into the testes. Finally, the testes will produce testosterone and Mullerian inhibiting factors. The hormone testosterone plays an important role for the growth and development of the male reproductive system and affects masculinity.

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