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Hello doc good evening. Since high school I have been diagnosed by a doctor experiencing narrowing in one of my nostrils and also symptoms of sinusitis. The symptoms I experienced were pain and dizziness, to this day I have experienced them. Even today there is no day I do not experience nasal congestion (since the last 4 years) every morning wake up, from my nose the aroma is less pleasant, then my voice is like a lot of phlegm as a result every time my voice talks sometimes disappear and a little shrill. What do you think the doctor has? And is this disease harmless?

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Hello Nathanael, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Let me introduce myself that Dr. Rio will answer your question.

From the complaints that you feel, there are several possible diseases that you experience. Some possible diseases are:

 Sinusitis Septal deviation Allergic rhinitis nasal polyps, etc. The above disease can cause symptoms like you experience. But I am more suspicious that the complaints you are experiencing are signs and symptoms of sinusitis that you have experienced. Sinusitis you have experienced is chronic because it has been experienced for years. In addition, you should do a doctor's examination to be examined directly on your body to ascertain whether the complaint you are experiencing is indeed a result of sinusitis or any other disease. Because the diagnosis must be based on interviews about complaints and physical examination in patients directly.

For treatment, chronic sinusitis should consult an ENT specialist. The treatment can be given drugs or measures depending on the results of the doctor's examination. This treatment should be done as soon as possible if the complaints are getting heavy. Complications can occur, such as total / partial sense of smell disturbance, infection or inflammation of the brain, bone, and eyes, etc.

Right now what you can do to prevent it is:

 Avoid allergy triggers if sinusitis is caused by allergies and consult with your doctor about how to control allergy symptoms. Avoid smoking and cigarette smoke. Apply a clean and healthy lifestyle, especially always washing hands before / after the activity. Do a flu shot. Maintain a nutritious diet, such as fruits and vegetables. Avoid contact with sick people. Apply warm water compresses on the painful face area. Immediately consult a doctor if the complaint gets worse. That's all the answers I can give. Thank you :)

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