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Hello doc I am an 18 year old teenager without a history of serious illness, regarding covid 19 rumors I would like to ask about complaints that I experienced. Lately I often feel dizzy, my head feels heavy especially on the back of my head, then my throat also aches doc, but indeed I have tonsils, then I have had indigestion for two days, but my body temperature is normal doc, regarding symptoms Am I at risk of contracting covid19? But I have no history of traveling out of town

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Hello Rahayu,

Thank you for your question on HealthReplies.com.

Headache is a condition in which blood vessels dilate in the head. Headache that is felt like pressure and felt to the back of the neck is a type of tension headache or tension headache. Neyri head often occurs at productive age. Because it is related to psychological factors or stress, the example is: fatigue, and lots of thoughts.

Sore throat can be caused by several possibilities, there is inflammation of the esophagus due to increased stomach acid, or also infection in the tonsils. If your tonsils are okay, that is, there is no enlargement and they don't look red, then it can be caused by irritation due to stomach acid. Increased stomach acid can be triggered by, stress, irregular eating, consumption of coffee, noodles, spicy, sour and soda. Disorders of the digestive tract can be triggered due to an increase in stomach acid where the acid irritates the intestine, so that the intestine does not move properly.

The risk of contracting covid 19 is not from what illness you are suffering from, but your lifestyle and habits. People at risk of contracting COVID 19 include:

people who travel in areas that are experiencing covid outbreaks, do not have to be abroad, in certain cities have been infected
not diligently washing hands with soap after activity
low endurance
people who have diseases that suppress the immune system, for example: diabetes, hypertension and HIV
people who are still actively doing activities outside the environment

Therefore, you should stay indoors for 14 days or more. Because the corona virus incubation period is around 14 days. Don't forget to always take a multivitamin to maintain endurance, and it's better to diligently wash your hands using soap rather than using a handsanitizer.

If there is a cough shortness and fever above 37.5 then consult a doctor immediately.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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