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, my son just had the second diphtheria injection at the posyandu (9 years old). Previously, he had the injection at school in January, and it was the second time at school.. but the first injection was at school. My son didn’t take the injection, only the injection to the two at school.. is it okay to have diphtheria injections at the posyandu but at school yesterday including diphtheria..? I forgot to ask the midwife

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Immunization is a good thing to do, by immunizing it can reduce the risk of getting a disease.

Diphtheria immunization in children aged 9 years is generally only done once, only as a booster. If your child is immunized for diphtheria twice in January and February, then it does not cause a serious danger. There are several conditions that can occur such as fever, pain at the injection site. It is harmless and will disappear in less than 7 days.

Therefore, if your child has been immunized against diphtheria in February, then your child has had enough of the diphtheria immunization. And you should record the full date of your child's immunizations.

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