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At noon., I was early March yesterday I was finished in a curette due to partial wine pregnancy. Well, in last July I didn’t have my period then my testpack was positive. The next morning I checked with the doctor, the story was I wanted an ultrasound because I was afraid that I would become pregnant again. But the doctor said it hasn’t been seen yet because the womb is still 4 weeks old. Would you please advise me when should I have an ultrasound to see if I am pregnant or pregnant? nAnd please tell me what are the symptoms of pregnancy wine? nHopefully the doctor is pleased to provide a solution .. In advance, thank you doctor.

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Hi Rika,

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We understand your concern.

Grape pregnancy (hydatid mole) is a disorder in pregnancy in which the uterus is not filled with the fetus, but a collection of trophoblasts that should grow on the placenta (placenta). This condition can occur completely or partially. Partial wine pregnancy usually still leaves normal placental tissue or even a fetus that is formed but fails to develop completely so that it has a miscarriage in early pregnancy.

Grape pregnancy occurs when an egg that is fertilized by sperm cells has abnormalities. In partial wine pregnancy, what happens is this abnormal egg is fertilized by 2 sperm cells at once and the sperm cell carries 2 sets of chromosomes. As a result, an embryo, which normally contains 46 chromosomes, actually has 69 chromosomes. This condition is more prone to occur in women who are pregnant at an age too young (less than 20 years), too old (more than 35 years), or also mothers who have a previous history of pregnancy wine.

It is clear from our description above, that if you have a previous history of pregnancy in wine, then you will be more at risk of experiencing pregnancy again in the next pregnancy. However, this risk is certainly not absolute. There is also the possibility that you can get pregnant normally. Usually, the risk of recurrent wine pregnancies can be minimized by spacing the pregnancies, at least 6 months after the previous pregnancy.

Consult directly with your obstetrician regarding the health conditions of pregnancy that you are currently experiencing. In general, with an ultrasound examination, the fetus will only appear clear when the gestational age has entered 8 weeks or more. So, the condition that you are experiencing at this time, namely that the fetus does not appear to be at the age of 4 weeks of pregnancy, does not always indicate something abnormal. Do a pregnancy check for 4 to 5 weeks to make sure yes ..

Some of the symptoms of wine pregnancy that you need to watch out for include a lot of bleeding from the birth canal, sometimes it looks clear like wine bubbles, nausea and vomiting is very intense, a feeling of pressure in the lower abdomen to the pelvis, the size of the uterus that far exceeds the estimated age pregnancy, blood pressure increases. If one or more of the above symptoms appear, you should see a doctor immediately so that you can be evaluated further.

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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