About The Description Of An Orange Vitamin?

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doctor I want to ask. what is the name of the vitamin for the MEF production of orange? I hope the doctor can help me, thank you.

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Hello brother Surya,

Medicinal and vitamin products (supplements) with MEF written on the tablet should be asked by the pharmacist who provides the drug related to the drug content or consult with your doctor regarding the function of the drug and the goals to be achieved regarding your disease condition. MEF is a production code method for each drug factory and there is no specific literature that lists this drug code, besides that the code for certain drug tablets is only known to the manufacturer, besides that there are a lot of drug manufacturers in Indonesia and types of drugs produced with different benefits. different. The drug tablets are given a specific code, then the tablets will be packaged in a bottle which will contain the drug content, to prevent confusion in the content and explanation of the active ingredients and their function should not be explained by guesswork.

You can open a new discussion regarding complaints of symptoms that you experience to discuss in a discussion with the HealthReplies.com Team or discuss the benefits of drugs if you already know the brand or type of active ingredient in the drug. may be useful

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