About The MMR Vaccine?

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Good afternoon, ok, I want to ask at school my child will do the MMR vaccine. But I still have doubts about the news circulating on social media that someone has had seizures, even became paralyzed while doing the MMR vaccine … what should I do, right? Please answer x

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Immunization is very good for body health. doing immunization can help prevent getting a disease.

MMR is an immunization to prevent mumps, morbilli and rubella disease. The MMR vaccine does not cause seizures, it is only hoax or news that is not true and the source is unclear.

However, in children up to 5 years of age who have a history of febrile seizures, MMR can cause a slight fever. The fever may cause a febrile seizure. However, this is very rare.

So it is recommended that you do MMR immunization according to schedule. No need to listen to or read obscure news.

The following is an article that you can read about the MMR vaccine

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