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Tonight, … I would like to ask about how someone can become a doctor specializing in heart disease. R nDoes it possible to take a specialist after I write the S1 or go through several processes? If through several processes, can you please explain? R nThank you in advance ,.

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Hi Dwinura,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

The discipline of medical science is a complex science. Therefore, to get a specialization in a particular field, a doctor needs to take continuous education that is not taken in a short time. This education is passed from the beginning of general practitioner education, then continues to the desired specialization.

To become a doctor, you need to study to become a general practitioner. After graduating, you will be awarded a medical degree (S.Ked). Furthermore, to be able to apply your medical practice, you will be required to take a medical professional education so that you get the title of general practitioner (dr.). After becoming a general practitioner, if you are interested in heart specialization, there are 2 choices you can make, namely:

First took the specialization in internal medicine, so the title of specialist in internal medicine (Sp.pada). Furthermore, you can take the subspecialty of the heart and blood vessels, so that the title is a specialist in the sub-specialist of heart and blood vessels.
Immediately take a heart specialist, so the title of specialist is heart and blood vessels (Sp. JP) --- this specialization is only found in a few educational institutions.

That's all our explanation. For more complete information, in fact, it is more appropriate to consult directly with related parties, namely educational institutions that carry out medical education, namely universities that have medical faculties.

Hope this helps ...

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