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, my father was just diagnosed with TB. Already undergoing a positive test results, but several x sputum tests were unsuccessful because no phlegm came out, only saliva. Already had a blood test, he had an infection and he had 2x x-rays too. Initially the doctor got a pneumonia lung infection, but after a positive test the doctor stated positive TB. The question is, can someone be declared infected with tuberculosis if there is no result from the sputum test. Is enough with a blood test. Mantuk and x-ray. Thanks doctor

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Hello Lusy,

Tuberculosis (TB), is a lung disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. If there is a suspicion that a person has TB, usually a detailed series of examinations is carried out to further confirm the diagnosis where the types of examinations are:

X-rays: Can show any changes to the lungs that are typical of TB
CT scan: If a more detailed examination is needed or if TB spread to other parts of the body's tissues is suspected
Mantoux test or Tuberculin skin test: These tests are generally used to test for latent TB

Sputum examination: to detect TB bacilli can also be used to detect TB that is resistant or sensitive to certain types of antibiotics
IGRA blood test (Interferon gamma release assay): This examination detects the body's immune system reaction to TB bacilli

Although this Mantoux test can be a measure of the presence of TB bacilli in the body, it does not mean that a positive result indicates that a person has active TB. So to make sure, the doctor can recommend further tests such as X-rays, sputum examinations to confirm the TB infection.

Read also understand the function of the Mantoux and Tuberculosis test

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Dr. Adhi P

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