About The Types Of TB Drugs For Children Aged 4 Years?

In the morning I had a friend, my friend’s child was suffering from tuberculosis … at the age of 4 years, the medicine was taken for 2 weeks. The first 1 month, the medicine was already redeemed according to the doctor’s prescription. So what I asked for the first and second months, whether the drug was the same, was there a difference. . because the pediatrician yesterday told his family to control again after 2 months during the use of the drug .. he only gave 1 prescription .. so we cloud people are confused about what is the same drug for the first month and the second month r nThank you in advance r nGood morning

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TB is an infectious disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis. TB is transmitted through respiratory air. TB can infect various organs such as the lungs, lymph nodes, bones, and the brain.

Regarding the condition that your friend's child is experiencing, TB treatment aged 4 years generally uses the same drug for up to 2 months. so that if your friend's child is given a prescription, then usually the prescription can be redeemed again at the pharmacy and consumed with a doctor's recommendation.

then usually after 2 months, the doctor will perform additional examinations, such as examining sputum / sputum, or X-rays. then usually after 2 months the treatment can be changed. It is important to eat nutritious food.

The following is an article that you can read about TBC

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