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I want to ask, I have a 4-year-old child who has been suffering from colds lately – even though he doesn’t cough and doesn’t catch a cold. I guess that’s why and what is dangerous?

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Hello Imam

Thank you for the question.

Frequent coughing in children usually indicates that he feels discomfort in his throat, such as itching, mucus, phlegm, lumps, and so on. In the medical realm, these symptoms often indicate pharyngitis (inflammation of the throat). The causes of this discomfort can be many, ranging from excessive vocal cord stretching, dry throat, allergies, exposure to chemical fumes, viral or bacterial infections, gastric acid reflux, aspirations of foreign bodies, immune disorders, drug side effects, and so on.

As long as this condition does not cause your child to cough, hoarse, fever, tightness, nausea, reduced appetite, or other more severe complaints, this condition often does not need to worry too much. To overcome this, you try to do first:

 Give your child plenty to drink warm water Give him also a variety of fruits that are rich in vitamin C. Don't give him too much cold and oily food. Ask him not to shout too much. Use a humidifier at home if possible Keep your home environment always clean, replace sprey and curtains at regular intervals, vacuum your home furniture so that it is perfectly clean Don't use cotton-based bedding Keep your child away from cigarettes, pollution, dry air, and excessive cold temperatures You can observe your child's changes after following the steps above in 1-2 Sunday. If it still hasn't changed, or even more severe complaints appear as we have mentioned above, don't hesitate to have it checked directly to the doctor or pediatrician huh ..

I hope this helps.

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