Aches And Aches Along The Neck To Fingertips?

Illustration of Aches And Aches Along The Neck To Fingertips?
Illustration: Aches And Aches Along The Neck To Fingertips?

Greetings, I have permission to ask about my complaints lately. I am a 25-year-old woman, TB 160 BB 60. Lately I often experience pain / aches (I don’t know the right words to describe the taste), as if achy after wrong sleeping position. The pain along the neck to the tip of the finger. Long pain can be 1-2 days with a frequency lately a week can be 1-2 times recurred. Pain sometimes recurs in the afternoon / evening so I think is not because of the wrong sleeping position, I also always sleep with pillow that is not too high. About my hands why? What is the burden and treatment? If I want to check, it’s good to see a general practitioner or to a specialist? Because it has been felt to interfere with my daily activities.Thanks for the answer, I hope the doctor is always healthy 🙏🏻

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Complaints that you experience can occur due to various possibilities, including:

Pinched nerve
Muscle injury due to activity, often lifting weight or position
Uric acid
Blood flow disorders

And it could also be other causes depending on the results of the examination. Our advice is that you should consult a general practitioner first to obtain a history, physical examination and support needed to determine the tendency. From here it will be known whether your condition can be treated directly or need the help of a specialist such as a bone doctor or neurologist.

Meanwhile, compress the painful part with a warm compress, maintain ideal body weight, increase consumption of vegetables and fruit, multiply the consumption of water, avoid lifting heavy objects and avoid carrying a bag on one shoulder, and immediately consult a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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