Aches In The Shin Muscles?

Illustration of Aches In The Shin Muscles?
Illustration: Aches In The Shin Muscles?

I want to ask lately, my legs are on the shin, how come I feel achy, especially after after sports, but I never had anything like this before, what’s the cause, what’s the cure. Thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Complaints that you experience actually still need to be clarified again to ensure the location of the muscles, because there are several muscles in the leg area and all have different performance depending on the movements that we do. It's easy, if you do squats, or squat and stand repeatedly, the muscles to be trained differ depending on whether you do squats with close and far legs.

Even so, general aches come from the buildup of lactic acid that occurs when our body is used for activity. As time goes by when we rest, the accumulated lactic acid can break down and we will not feel sore anymore. In people who rarely exercise, this buildup of lactic acid and its breakdown, will take place more slowly so that the aches will last longer.

If during this time you actually exercise regularly, then the aching can be due to lack of heating, lack of nutritional intake for energy and recovery, wrong movements when exercising, or overexerting yourself. To ensure this you really should see your doctor, especially a sports doctor, physiotherapist, or at least a personal trainer and trainer to find out if you've done something incorrectly.

Meanwhile, to help the aching feel disappear faster, you can compress it warmly, put on a patch or buy a muscle pain relief ointment to be applied to the affected area. Limit activity and multiply protein consumption, such as those in milk, cheese, yogurt, beef, and chicken breast. If it doesn't work or the condition worsens, check with your doctor for further treatment. So, hopefully answering your question.

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