Aches On The Right Shoulder?

Illustration of Aches On The Right Shoulder?
Illustration: Aches On The Right Shoulder?

In the afternoon … I feel aches in my right shoulder every time I do activities … and my waist feels very achy … sometimes it is difficult to sleep at night … is it the effect of cholesterol or what?

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AloNofĩ Fỉtrãnỏfă Fẻbrĩnõ, thank you for asking with

Some causes of your complaint include:

Disorders of the joints (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis) Disorders of the muscles Errors of posture (scoliosis, kyphosis, etc.) Disorders of the nerves (pinched nerves, spinal stenosis, etc.) Disorders of the kidneys (stones or infections) Fibrobimialgia High levels of cholesterol are usually not asymptomatic and not directly related to pain in the shoulder or waist. High cholesterol will only cause symptoms if there is a significant blockage of blood vessels in the heart, brain, or other organs. Pain in the shoulder or waist can be caused by disorders of the muscles, nerves, joints or other tissues in the shoulder and waist area.

To determine the cause of your complaint, the doctor needs additional information such as how long you have felt this complaint, how the characteristics of pain are felt, whether spreads to other areas, whether the pain increases when coughing, sneezing, or certain movements, whether there are complaints of fever, pain when urination, weakness of muscles or other complaints.

The doctor also has to do a direct physical examination, other supporting examinations such as an ultrasound examination, X-ray or MRI examination in order to help determine the cause of your complaint. To determine whether having impaired cholesterol levels should be carried out laboratory tests of total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, or triglycerides.

Some things you can do:

Compress the area that feels achy with warm and cold water alternately Doing exercise or stretching muscles routinely or at least 30 minutes every day Maintaining ideal body weight Maintaining posture when sitting and standing so as not to bend. If you feel pain you can consume painkillers sold freely like paracetamol. Hopefully this information can be useful. Thank you.

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