Achy Body Aches In Burn Sufferers?

Illustration of Achy Body Aches In Burn Sufferers?
Illustration: Achy Body Aches In Burn Sufferers?

2 days ago Tini’s mother was hospitalized due to burns on the left arm, and complained of pain, pain and aches. Mother has begun to move her arms a little, and she still complains that the shoulders and arms are often stiff and weak. The mechanism of pain, pain, stiffness and weakness due to what? And why did these aches occur?

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Hello Armellia Dinda Praisea, thank you for your question to

Burns are injuries or damage to the integrity of the skin or other tissues due to temperatures that are too hot or too cold. Some sources of causes of burns for example:

Hot water or hot steam
Struck by lightning
and so forth

These things can cause burns on the skin or even can cause deeper scars. Burns themselves can be divided into several classes depending on the depth of the wound, namely:

First-degree burns, where only the outermost portion of the skin is injured. An example of a case is a wound caused by sunlight / sun burn.

Second-degree burns, which are burns involving a portion of the inner skin. Sores can appear reddish, accompanied by bulls or fluid-filled bumps. This degree is further divided into 2 types. These 2nd degree burns usually heal in 2-3 weeks for milder types, or up to 6 weeks for more severe wounds if the healing process runs smoothly without complications such as infection
Third degree burns cause damage to all parts of the skin, and have affected the blood vessels and nerves in the skin
Burns degree IV, where the damage is very deep and up to the muscle lining, muscle, and even bone.

In addition to assessing the severity of the wound, burn sufferers must also calculate the surface area of ​​the exposed skin. This can affect subsequent management and determine whether a person needs to be admitted or not.

In your case, pain is naturally felt in burns because there are nerves in the skin that can deliver excitatory pain if the nerve is stimulated. In addition, stiffness in muscles can be felt due to injury due to burns that affect the muscles or due to the growth of new tissue in the wound. Injury to nerves, lack of muscle movement, and other disorders such as impaired salt balance in the body can also cause stiffness or weakness in muscles / limbs. Lack of stretching of the muscles can also cause sore complaints.

Therefore, continue to treat burns well and take medication according to the doctor's recommendations. Avoid exposure to wounds with dirty hands / items, and avoid scratching or manipulating wounds. Ensure adequate water consumption, because burns can cause liquid evaporation and dehydration conditions.

Also read: Medication for Burns and Abstinence in Overcoming Burns.

That is all, hopefully it will be useful and hopefully Tini's mother will get better soon.


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