Acid Reflux Disease That Often Recurs?

Illustration of Acid Reflux Disease That Often Recurs?
Illustration: Acid Reflux Disease That Often Recurs?

I want to ask. I have long suffered from acid reflux disease. I have been to the specialist 2 times in the first month I recovered, but relapse again the following month. And a year after that I went back to see a specialist in and still returned. I have been taking drugs such as panvell, pariet, vomitas, sedatives, tracetate and other types of drugs for 2 months (2x to the doctor at different times). It does feel good and gain weight. But after the following month I relapsed again. And what I feel now is that I like feeling pain in the left side of the belly button and the left side of the belly button. Even though it’s not too painful and rarely feels, but it’s quite annoying, the pain is like being pinched. And now I feel my breath feels short though not every time. Sometimes my body suddenly has a fever, sometimes it suddenly drops. And if I press the parts in my intestine, there will be many parts that feel hard even if it doesn’t hurt. I once wondered whether in my large intestine I had a wound. Or in the small intestine or 12 fingers in the intestine. Because my solar plexus no longer hurts my stomach may be in good condition. But strangely I still could not just eat. Like eating biscuits, milk, avocado juice or certain foods that can make the stomach feel hot and not tasty, and strangely I can consume chocolate brownies. Even though if I eat other chocolate-processed ingredients, my stomach will not immediately taste good.

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Hello Restu,

Thank you for the question.

Pain, heat, and hardness that is felt in the left abdomen, shortness of breath, and fluctuating fever, can indeed refer to indigestion. Not only gastritis (stomach ulcers), this complaint can also arise due to other digestive disorders, for example gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, inflammation or gallstones, irritable bowel syndrome, food allergies, intestinal inflammation, gastroenteritis, benign or malignant tumors in the gastrointestinal tract intestinal obstruction and so on. Disorders in other organ systems, such as tumors that suppress the gastrointestinal tract, pleural effusion, pneumonia, enlarged liver or spleen, psychological disorders, and so on can also trigger complaints similar to those you are experiencing at this time.

If your complaint appears related to digestive disorders, then the consumption of several types of food, such as spicy, sour, fatty, greasy, gassing, sour fruit, coffee, tea, chocolate, soda, as well as milk and its processed products often make complaints heavy. However, this information alone does not specifically refer to the symptoms of certain diseases.

Our advice, so that complaints improve, do not just rely on the handling of doctors. Also do the following tips:

 Compress warm stomach that is not comfortable, do not be ordered Eat first food that is easily digested, first limit the consumption of food and drinks that have the opportunity to aggravate complaints (as mentioned above) Eat small portions but often Drink plenty of warm water Sleep early and regularly Regularly exercise and live a healthy lifestyle You are not advised to take any medication to overcome your complaints if you haven't seen a doctor. If with the above efforts your complaint just gets worse, or if there is severe abdominal pain and tightness, fever for more than 3 days, diarrhea and massive vomiting, immediately check yourself directly to the doctor or internist in order to find the right solution yes..

I hope this helps.

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