Acne And Scars Don’t Heal Already Using Various Brands Of Cosmetics Or Treatments.

Hello, doc I want to ask .. I’m the type of face with acne on it, there are also pockmarked blackheads, too docs, I’m embarrassed to be working when I’m working, especially envious of people who have smooth faces … I want to ask the treatment like how to get rid of reddish pimples. also my blackheads pocked the doc already use this product, then ice cubes every mlm, bengkoang masks, and also all the masks I have tried, but there is no change in the dock. Gmn doc

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Pockmark that occurs due to acne manipulated by the patient's hand is a condition where the occurrence of acne scars or scar tissue that does not get better because of the lack of collagen in the skin layer. One of the things that is often the cause of pockmarked acts on acne without doctor's supervision such as solving pimples with ordinary hands or hands that are still dirty.

Because the process is so complex, and involves the levels of collagen present in the skin, regular facial creams cannot provide meaningful results, including facial care independently at home with simple ingredients such as ice cube compresses or yam mask. Some treatments for pockmarks are very complicated, because these treatments focus on improving the textured skin and stimulation of collagen to form on the surface of the skin so that pockmarks can improve slowly, including the results that cannot be obtained instantly, several actions must be taken to get results that satisfying.

Here are some recommended actions for pockmarked cases on the face such as:

microdermabrasion: the use of small aluminum oxide crystals to remove dead skin cells, with the target of exfoliation of the outer skin so that it is expected to immediately stimulate the formation of new skin in the hope of removing large pores, wrinkles, removing spots and removing or reducing pock marks used zits
chemical peeling: the focus of action is almost the same as microdermabrasion but in this case the difference is the technique, where acidic liquids are used in this therapy with the aim of removing dead skin cells on the face and hopefully new skin can form as soon as dead skin cells are lifted
skin needling / roller: very well-known as dermaroller which this method uses a tool in the form of a roller that is quite small on the surface where there are small needles in quite a large amount. Its users by damaging the skin tissue by running a roller on the skin. The size of the needle used depends on the depth of the pockmark, the deeper the pockmark the longer the needle is used.
laser: the principle works is to destroy the outermost layer of skin using a laser beam that can penetrate the skin layer deep enough, so that these rays can simultaneously stimulate collagen production in the skin, and then a new layer of skin can be formed perfectly and pockmark will increasingly fade and disappear.

All of the above treatments or actions are strongly recommended to be carried out by experts or dermatologists or doctors who have received certification of the action training. Because all of the above actions have their own benefits and side effects. So it is not recommended to be used independently at home without expert supervision. For now, you should postpone while consulting directly with a specialist or dermatologist, because the current condition is still prone to corona transmission. So we recommend to prevent the formation of acne and prevent pockmarked when you have inflamed pimples, including:

keep your face clean every day by washing your face at least 2 times or a maximum of 3 times a day using suitable facial soap so far, avoid using facial soap made from comedogenic, containing parabens and fragrance that is too oppressive
After washing your face, you still need to keep your skin moisturized by using a moisturizer suitable for your skin prone to acne. A good moisturizer for sensitive skin and acne prone is water or waterbased
avoid using makeup that is too thick
use sunscreen when you are doing your daily activities especially when you are active in the sun, repeat the sunscreen application if the protection period is over
do not often touch your face using your hands, because hands are the source of germs
consumption of foods that are nutritious and do not contain too much fat. Expand vegetables and fruits that contain lots of vitamins in it which is certainly good for your skin
the use of natural masks for the face is not a taboo as long as it can be considered the cleanliness of the equipment used and the mask material used. Because of the natural mask some ingredients can help control the formation of sebum on the face that can trigger the formation of blockages in the pores of the face and can cause acne

Thus our explanation, hopefully can help your problem.

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