Acne Face After Using Facial Care Products?

Illustration of Acne Face After Using Facial Care Products?
Illustration: Acne Face After Using Facial Care Products? Bing

Good evening, I have a question. When you first use a facial treatment product specifically for acne, even more pimples appear than before using the product. They claim that it is a detoxification process for toxins in the body. Does this process exist in the medical world? Thank you,.

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Hi Winda,

There are lightening products and products for acne that cause a purging effect, namely skin conditions that look more severe (usually acne) before the skin condition finally improves. Ingredients that cause purging include AHAs, BHAs, retinoids, salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and sulfur.

Usually purging occurs when the skin pores are closed. These ingredients open the pores and clean acne-causing bacteria and reduce excess oil production. The opening of pores and skin regeneration causes the previously formed blackheads to rise to the surface of the skin and form pimples so that the skin condition looks worse. New comedones do not form, then the condition of the skin will slowly improve in 2-6 weeks.

Actually purging is different from detox. Detox is a process of removing toxins in the body, and does not always cause a reaction. Usually the products that claim to detoxify the skin are products that contain herbal or antioxidant substances.

If you want to use skin care products, you should consult a doctor first so that it can be adjusted to the disorder and your skin type. Make sure you use products that are registered with BPOM.


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