Acne Or Not?

Illustration of Acne Or Not?
Illustration: Acne Or Not?

Hello, I want to ask, I have an uneven surface like a kind of lump on my face, and if you press it it hurts a little, it hurts, at first it was a pimple, then I gave it a rash ointment but just now the pimples are no longer there, but the bumps but there is, and it turns black, red is a bit black. What is it, and why? Then what should be done so that it doesn’t happen again? Thank you

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Hello Irwan,

Lumps on the skin can have various causes, it can be due to acne, moles, folliculitis, skin tags, atheroma cysts, furuncles, milia, warts and many more. The lump needs to be seen directly in order to know the possible causes.

We recommend that you check with your doctor at this time regarding the lump. You need to be vigilant if the lump grows rapidly, bleeds easily, feels pain or other symptoms occur. The doctor can examine the lump and if necessary will refer you to a surgeon or skin specialist depending on the findings.

In order not to repeat itself, you should not squeeze pimples or hold them, especially with unclean hands, and keep your skin clean.

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