Acne Treatment Due To Dust And Sweat Allergy Throughout The Body?

Good afternoon …, I want to ask … Is the acne caused by dust and sweat allergy what is the cure huh? … And it just so happens that my skin is very sensitive and easily hurt and it’s almost the whole body, that’s the way how do you deal with it, ?? … I’m waiting for the answer … Thanks …

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Acne is a medical condition characterized by the appearance of reddish spots on the face, neck, chest, or back. Acne can arise from small spots, up to a large size in the form of a pus-filled sac. Pimples occur due to blocked hair follicles due to a collection of sebum, oil, or dead skin cells in certain areas of the face, neck, chest or back.

Acne can occur due to several causes, including excessive production of sebum or oil, blockage and inflammation of hair follicles, bacterial colonization of Propionibacterium acnes, and disruption of hormone regulation such as during menstruation or puberty. However, some risk factors for acne are dirty and oily facial conditions, not maintaining facial hygiene in daily activities, having a history of hereditary prone to acne.

To ascertain the condition that you are experiencing whether it is pimples that arise or other conditions caused by exposure to certain substances, for example allergic contact dermatitis, irritant contact dermatitis, prickly heat, fungal, viral, or bacterial infections throughout the body, it is advisable to consult a doctor skin related examination and further management. It is necessary to examine the skin lesions that arise on your skin, so that appropriate and optimal treatment can be determined to treat your condition.

Avoid consuming or using self-medication without doctor's instructions, avoid using facial products that can cause the appearance of skin lesions, avoid using excessive make-up products, use a mask when traveling out to avoid the accumulation of dust, dirt and oil on the face.

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