Acne Treatment Uses Shark Liver Oil?

Illustration of Acne Treatment Uses Shark Liver Oil?
Illustration: Acne Treatment Uses Shark Liver Oil?

Hello. Hello doctor. I am Ikvina, 21 years old. Want to ask, is it true that shark oil (squalene) can cure zits? If true, the steps “to be applied to the face what about? How many times should it be used routinely in a day / week? Whether in the morning after waking up or after bathing? ? Thank you Doctor, waiting for the answer …

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Hi ikvinams,

Thank you for asking

Squalene oil, which is often taken from shark liver, belongs to polyunsaturated hydrocarbons (C30H50) which have various functions for health. A lot of literature states that this oil has anti-cancer properties, antioxidants, detoxifier, skin hydration, anti-inflammatory, immune booster, and so on. With its ability to increase skin hydration, squalene oil can help control the production of sebum (oil) in the skin which often triggers acne. So, it is possible, this oil is used to help deal with acne.

Even so, so far, there is still minimal research testing how much effectiveness this oil has in curing acne, including also relating to effective doses, how to use, potential side effects, and so on. In some people who are sensitive, even known application or consumption of this oil can trigger mild to severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis). For this reason, we are not authorized to explain in detail the procedures for using this oil in treating acne.

Preferably, before you decide to deal with acne with this oil, first consult with your doctor or dermatologist huh ..

Some initial treatments that you can do to deal with acne:

Do not squeeze or slough off acne
Do not give any treatment to acne
Diligent washing your face, bathing, and protect your face from sun exposure and excessive pollution
Use a moisturizer and sunscreen before activity (especially activities carried out outdoors)
Do not use cosmetics that are too thick or that contain irritative ingredients
Stay away from stress, fatigue, staying up late
Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables
Limit consumption of oily foods, high cholesterol, saturated fats, trans fats, and also simple carbohydrates

Hope this helps ...

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