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Hello. NOur house is a husband and wife, they are relatives far from the village who are sick again. NAfter a week in the hospital, the patient is sent home by the doctor and now lives at our house. NFrom the signs of illness, such as being exposed to the HIV virus. The husband has a rash all over his body. The wife had HBs platelets, her weight dropped drastically and the diary was prolonged. NFrom the medical diagnosis, we had time to read the words “HIV-Related Thrombocytopenia”. N What I asked, was their disease dangerous and contagious. What should we do to anticipate an outbreak of the virus if it is indeed the HIV virus. Please advise your doctor.

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Hello Khairuman, thank you for asking the team.

HIV is indeed a disease for which there is still no cure for it. The drugs that have been given have been limited to improving the body's defenses so that they don't get sick easily. Because basically HIV attacks rather than our immune system, so when our immune system is compromised, it is easy for us to become infected and get sick, even if the disease is only a minor illness such as flu, thrush, or diarrhea. However, if this simple disease attacks a person with HIV, it is not possible that the sufferer will fall into a condition that is so severe or dangerous that it is life threatening.

HIV is still a dangerous disease, and has the potential to be transmitted to healthy people around them, what families with HIV sufferers need to know and be aware of is the mode of transmission of HIV, so people with HIV-AIDS do not feel isolated because of their disease so that they can keep their piskis inside. stable condition which also influences in keeping the immune system stable. Here's how HIV is transmitted:

use of syringes
blood transfusions
pregnancy, childbirth and breast milk in HIV-infected mothers

Apart from the things mentioned above, HIV has no potential to be contagious, including if you are exposed to the sweat of an HIV sufferer or their saliva.

What you can do to prevent HIV infection is not to avoid HIV sufferers, but by preventing transmission through blood, sexual fluids, or breast milk to people with HIV. Other than that :

avoid risky sexual intercourse
use condoms in anticipation of having sex
avoid using used needles that are shared

You can consult more about HIV disease information to your doctor through VCT or voluntary HIV testing and counseling.

A little information from us may be useful. Thank you

dr. Ciptanti

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