Acute Or Chronic Hepatitis B?

Illustration of Acute Or Chronic Hepatitis B?
Illustration: Acute Or Chronic Hepatitis B?

Hello. NI am 21 years old. Last year, I was diagnosed with hepatitis b. But after the lab results came out, the doctor did not do any treatment because the results showed HBV DNA u0026lt; 2 x 10 IU / mL. NAfter 6 months later I checked the SGPT level, the results were slightly increased from 6 months ago. The doctor suggested to go to a class A hospital or a liver specialist. However, because my parents and I were busy, I didn’t need to be treated. I did not have my illness checked again. NMy questions: n1. Is my disease including acute hepatitis b or is it chronic? N2. Can my hepatitis b virus disappear or not? N3. Do I really need further treatment or something? NThank you.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Hepatitis B is a serious type of liver infection caused by a virus of the same name, namely the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). This disease can cause two types of conditions, namely acute conditions, namely conditions that are less than 6 months old. And chronic, or if the hepatitis B virus persists in the body for more than 6 months.

Among the factors that increase the risk of transmission of this virus are:

Sharing everyday equipment such as toothbrushes, razors and towels that are contaminated with infected blood Using illegal drugs Use unsterile needles or sharing needles Having open wounds and contact with infected blood Having sex with sufferers or suspected of being sufferers undergoing blood transfusions

In your case, to find out whether the condition is chronic or acute, as we say, it must be confirmed that you have hepatitis B and see the time span, whether it is more or less than 6 months. The problem is, in your story, you mentioned that you were checking for a slightly elevated SGPT level. Even though high ALT levels alone cannot be used to diagnose hepatitis B. Examinations such as HBsAg, HbcAg and anti-HBsAg are needed to clearly determine whether you really have the disease or not.

Say you are infected, the hepatitis B virus can generally go away on its own only during the acute period or less than 6 months earlier. If it has been going on for more, it is likely that the virus will remain in your body. So that because there are still many uncertainties and to avoid misunderstandings, we suggest that you have your health checked by a liver specialist / hepatologist, or an internal medicine specialist so that proper investigations can be carried out to determine your current condition.

Meanwhile, keep your immune system by adopting a healthy lifestyle such as staying away from stress, cigarette smoke, increasing consumption of vegetables and fruit, regular exercise, adequate rest and increasing consumption of water. So, hopefully it answers your question.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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