Add Bb To Premature Babies?

Illustration of Add Bb To Premature Babies?
Illustration: Add Bb To Premature Babies?

I want to ask. My child was born with a premature condition at 33 weeks of birth and bb 1.6 kg. now 12 months old with body weight 7.4 is that normal bb?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at The baby should ideally be born at around 37-40 weeks' gestation. At such a gestational age, babies are considered to have organs, body length, and body weight sufficient to survive outside the uterus. If a baby is born before that range, he is said to be premature and is usually followed by a body weight that is lower than normal, can be between 500 grams - 2500 grams.

Regarding your question, the weight gain of a premature baby cannot be confused with the weight gain of a baby born according to the ideal age. There are special calculations involving a factor called chronological age and biological age by considering how old he really is now if he were born at the ideal age. Then also needed information about sex, and weight gain so far. Because if you look at one side, a certain body weight can still be considered normal, but if you look back, so far the actual increase in the child is more drastic than now, so maybe there may still be abnormalities in the child.

So we think you should check your baby at a pediatrician first. At first glance, the weight of 7.4 kg is still slightly below the ideal but there are many other factors that must be considered. Some babies still cannot catch up to the age of five, but it still doesn't matter as long as it's not so significant. Back again from how the child's physical condition, development of abilities, and so forth. By checking directly, your pediatrician will get a full picture of your child, so they can determine whether or not their body weight is increasing now.

Meanwhile, still meet the nutritional needs by introducing him with a variety of foods slowly, give milk and take care of his health immediately consult a doctor if symptoms arise that are worrisome. So, hopefully answering your question.

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