Add Endurance So That The Flu Heals Soon?

Illustration of Add Endurance So That The Flu Heals Soon?
Illustration: Add Endurance So That The Flu Heals Soon?

In the morning, I had a cold from the second week of February and in 2 weeks I will leave for Malaysia. I was afraid, because I had the flu and was afraid of contracting the Corona virus because my immune system was being obeyed by the flu. How do I keep going to Malaysia with my condition?

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fever is a disease caused by a viral infection that can attack the nose, throat, and lungs. Flu or influenza is very common in the transition season. This disease is easily transmitted to other people, especially when the first 3-4 days after a person is infected with the flu virus. Flu symptoms commonly felt by sufferers are fever, headaches, coughs, aches, loss of appetite, and sore throat. Flu symptoms will get worse for 2-4 days before finally improving and recovering.

Mild flu can be treated with lots of rest and drink lots of fluids. However, if symptoms are severe, you should immediately consult a doctor so that drugs can be given to accelerate healing and prevent complications. The most effective way to prevent colds is to carry out influenza vaccination. In addition, you are also advised to wash your hands and avoid being close to people with the flu.

There are several things you can do when traveling

 avoid traveling to China or other countries where Corona virus transmission has been found. use a mask when outside to maintain endurance, you should go when you are really healthy, adequate rest and eat nutritious and healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, such as eggs, fish, and lean meat. You can also read the following corona virus article

Thus the info I can give may be useful

get well soon for you

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