Additional Immunization Is Mandatory And Children Aged 4 Months Cannot Lie On Their Stomach?

Illustration of Additional Immunization Is Mandatory And Children Aged 4 Months Cannot Lie On Their Stomach?
Illustration: Additional Immunization Is Mandatory And Children Aged 4 Months Cannot Lie On Their Stomach?

My child is 4 months old, is additional immunization mandatory? , but a child who is the same age as my child can already ,, r n r nWhy people are told to see a doctor why can’t they lie on their stomach,

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Immunization is a way to increase immunity by inserting vaccines or microorganisms that have either been weakened or killed in a person's body. Antibodies that are formed after a person is given the vaccine, will be very useful in defending him from certain diseases in the future.

There are many types of immunization in Indonesia, which as a whole can be divided into two, mandatory and additional. Among the mandatory immunizations are:

Hepatitis B BCG Polio DTP Measles

As for the additions, as the name implies, because they are only in the form of additions, of course they don't have to be given Available in Indonesia are:

Hib Rotavirus Influenza PCV Hepatitis A Typhoid MMR HPV Varicella

Or more details, you can see in the following table below.

So because there are many types of mandatory and additional immunizations, and each immunization tends to be more than once, you can also see the age range of giving you can see from the picture. If the image is unclear or too small, you can search the internet for the keyword "IDAI Immunization Schedule".

Regarding whether it can be given at the puskesmas or not, it actually depends on the facilities of each puskesmas. You can ask the puskesmas near your home or if you want to be more certain, just go to the hospital with a pediatrician.

For child development, babies generally can lie on their stomach at the age of 4 months. But if your child is not prone, don't worry. Because the range of the baby's ability to be able to lie on his stomach is at the age of 3-5 months. Meanwhile, what you can do is stimulate its movement by:

Stimulate his ability by deliberately lying on his side for about 5 minutes then turning him back. Draw his attention with a toy or other device, and point the toy in a position where your baby has to tilt to reach or see

However, if you are in doubt, or if after 5 months your baby is still unable to lie on his stomach, you better take him to the doctor to see if there is any delay, and from any aspect. Is it only from the gross motoric aspect, fine or cognitive and social. Your pediatrician will then perform some play-like tests to find out this.

Meanwhile, keep giving your child the nutrients they need for their 4 month old, namely breast milk. Breast milk is considered sufficient and is the best nutrition that babies can receive up to 6 months of age. Keep stimulating your baby, and may your baby grow up to be a healthy child.

So, hopefully this is useful.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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