Addressing A Child Who Refuses To Breastfeed?

Illustration of Addressing A Child Who Refuses To Breastfeed?
Illustration: Addressing A Child Who Refuses To Breastfeed?

I want to ask, how do I get my child to breastfeed.? Even though I have a lot of breastfeeding, she doesn’t want to breastfeed. My child wanted to, after I fed it, it was bitten, then I gave it again, and she was fussy How is it? My son now has 6 months of age but he prefers formula milk to breast milk. What is the solution?

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Hello dear Ekha,

I understand your feelings at the moment. During the first 6 months of a baby's life, breast milk or breast milk is the best intake. Breastfeeding can be done directly by the mother or using the expressed breastfeeding method.

The first step you should do at this time is to do relactation. Relactation is a way of breastfeeding again after it has stopped. Here are the recommendations:

often stick your nipples to the baby's mouth try to breastfeed the baby at night, when the baby is half asleep before starting to breastfeed, apply milk to the nipples if the baby is still refusing, make it a habit to give formula milk in the breastfeeding position so that the baby gets used to that position. Relactation is not an easy process. It takes patience and high motivation from you or your partner. Therefore, if you experience difficulties, it is better to see a pediatrician who is also a lactation counselor.

Apart from giving breast milk directly, another alternative you can do is to give breast milk. Dairy milk is currently quite popular among working mothers or mothers who are far from their babies. Basically, there is no difference in nutrition from breast milk that is given directly or breast milk as long as the principles of storage are correct.

Here are some things you need to know about expressed breast milk:

In order to maintain milk production, express breastmilk every 2-3 hours. The milk that has been expressed can be stored in glass bottles or sterile plastic which is then given a label containing the baby's name, date and time of milking. Save the milk with the following rules: when placed at temperature room (25 degrees Celsius) - Expressed breastmilk lasts a maximum of 6 hours when stored in a cooler with an ice pack - Expressed milk lasts up to 24 hours when refrigerated at 4 degrees Celsius - Expressed milk lasts up to 5 days when stored in a well-kept freezer temperature -18 degrees Celsius - Dairy milk lasts up to 6 months Hopefully this information is useful

Dr. Lili

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