Addressing Concerns In Children Who Have Had Febrile Seizures?

Sorry, ask again. Honestly, I have severe trauma. I worry excessively to my ankle. I need to step in because it is 42 ° c r nTp cm it counts seconds. still, I have a very good credit, I have an active person who is active! thanks for a good dkter.

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Seeing their baby having a seizure, of course every parent will panic and be afraid. Not only you, this condition is experienced by almost all parents, and this worry should not be excessive. Because indeed, in some conditions, seizures in children can have negative implications, including for brain development.

However, before you fear or worry too much, you should know first, that not all seizures in children are dangerous. The question now is, have you ever checked your child to a doctor during a seizure? So, what caused your child to have a seizure at that time? What checks have been carried out?

If your baby has seizures when his body temperature is high (above 37.5 degrees Celsius), then he is probably experiencing a febrile seizure. This condition is divided into 2 types, namely:

Simplex febrile seizures: usually subside in less than 15 minutes, do not recur within 24 hours, and also occur as a whole (not limited to certain body parts) Complex febrile seizures: usually occur more than 15 minutes, can recur more than 1 time within 24 hours, and appears on one side of the body only. Most febrile seizures, especially febrile simplex seizures have no negative implications for the development of the child in later life. This febrile seizure also does not necessarily indicate that your child has a certain disease that requires serious treatment. Febrile seizures also do not increase your child's risk of developing epilepsy. But indeed, febrile seizures have the potential to recur at a later date. The potential for recurrence of these seizures is higher if your child has previously had seizures at a body temperature that is not too high, the lag between the onset of fever and the seizure is very short, has a close family history of febrile seizures, and was less than 18 months old when he first experienced febrile seizures.

However, in addition to febrile seizures, your child may also have seizures due to other conditions, for example meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain and spinal cord), encephalitis (inflammation of the brain parenchyma), intracranial masses (eg tumors, hematomas, hydrocephalus), etc.

Therefore, in order to get rid of your worries, you should consult directly with your doctor so that a thorough evaluation of the possible causes triggered the seizures that your child had previously had. If it is purely due to a febrile seizure, then you can breathe easier because this condition is generally not dangerous. However, if there are other conditions that aggravate the complaint, then a doctor's examination is also useful so that the cause can be treated further.

There are no specific steps that can be taken to prevent febrile seizures from recurring. Even giving children a fever-reducing medicine when they have a fever does not necessarily reduce the child's risk of having febrile seizures. So, what you need to do right now is, as much as possible, prevent your child from having a fever. One way is to maintain the child's immune system and condition the environment around the child so that it does not make it easier for him to experience infection, which is the most common cause of fever. You can do to maintain a child's immune system by giving your child breast milk and solid and nutritious solids. Also invite your children to be active and active. Give your child complete immunizations according to their needs and age. Do not forget, if you are around a child who is experiencing an infectious disease, you should keep it away so that it is not in close contact with the child in order to minimize the risk of transmission.

Excessive worry generally arises as a result of a lack of knowledge. Therefore, it is better if you trust your knowledge regarding the triggers and the first treatment of seizures in children so that your anxiety is reduced. You can consult directly with doctors, pediatricians, and also read articles on the following links:



Febrile convulsion

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