Adenoid Hypertrophy?

Illustration of Adenoid Hypertrophy?
Illustration: Adenoid Hypertrophy?

I want to say. Yesterday I went to the doctor he said adenoid hypertrophy or tonsils. I don’t feel tonsils but. Is adenoid hypertrophy different from tonsils? Is the symptom of adenoid hypertrophy sometimes feeling a little meriding in the temples near the ear. I see in the anatomy it seems that the location of the tonsils and adenoids is different. Thanks

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Adenoid hypertrophy is not the same (different) as the tonsils. Adenoids are masses consisting of lymphoid tissue located at the back of the nasopharynx above the roof of the mouth.

This part of the adenoid can be seen through a special physical examination through the nose or mouth using a camera tube by an expert (ENT doctor).

Symptoms of an enlarged adenoid include:

Nasal congestion.
Ear disorders,

For your condition, it will require further and thorough examination by a doctor. It's a good idea to consult your doctor again and carry out a thorough physical examination. Handling of this condition can be adjusted according to the conditions that cause the enlargement to arise.

I hope this helps.

dr. Yusi

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