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Tonight doc. My name is Oak Suswanti. I am currently in the process of screening my 4 year old son. I suspect he is ADHD. In the course of the screening process, I found out there was a genetic element. And I realized my husband had difficulty focusing. Now he always suspects me. Often angry. Doc, what are the characteristics of adhd in adults and how to cure them.

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Hello Ek Suswanti, Thank you for the question.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental health disorder that makes it difficult for a person to concentrate / focus, have impulsive behavior, and be more active than usual. The symptoms of ADHD in children are the same as in adults. Symptoms can include not being able to focus on doing something, attention is easily distracted, difficult to follow instructions to do something, often seen not concentrating when invited to talk, careless, difficult to remain silent (unable to do activities quietly), have the habit of moving parts of the body certain, talkative, often interrupted others.

Easily suspecting other people is not a symptom of ADHD. This condition needs to be explored further whether it is a normal condition or is a false belief (delusional). Someone easily suspects others if you do not have trust in that person, usually because of unpleasant events in the past, lack of communication between them, or indeed your behavior makes your husband suspicious. In addition, this condition can also be delusions. Delusion is a condition in which the sufferer has a false belief or is different from reality but the sufferer still believes it. Examples of delusions include: the sufferer feels that other people want to endanger him (pursuit of pursuit), the sufferer feels he has great power and a well-known identity (ideology of greatness), and the sufferer believes that the partner is unfaithful to him but there is no strong evidence (jealousy) . The conditions you convey may also be caused by this jealousy. Someone who has delusions is more irritable and can experience hallucinations. The causes of delusions themselves vary, for example high stress, drug abuse and alcoholic drinks, schizophrenia.

If these symptoms are very excessive and don't make sense as mentioned above, then maybe your husband is experiencing delusions. To overcome this condition, it must be ascertained first with further examination with a mental specialist / psychiatrist. You can try to invite your husband to consult with a mental specialist / psychiatrist because the doctor needs to ask questions about your husband to find out his condition before determining further treatment. However, if your husband shows symptoms that endanger him or others such as suicide or others, please immediately bring your husband to the nearest hospital emergency room.

While waiting for a consultation with a doctor, you can try to improve communication with your husband because with good communication can build trust between you two.

I hope this helps.

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